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By Ruth Nchekei

23rd July 2021

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Best baby pacifier in 2021

Soother, bo-bo, binky. Other words for a pacifier. Pacifiers come in handy especially during baby’s first year.

Babies like to suck on the breast, pacifiers, hands or other objects as they get reminded of the womb.

In the womb, babies easily suck their fingers because the soft walls surrounding them avert their hands to their mouth. After birth, babies aren’t able to suck their fingers due to poor muscle coordination– you will notice their attempts to do so makes them whack their hands in their nose or face.

It’s why they get so calm when you put a bottle, breast or pacifier right in place.

When you give your baby a pacifier, you will find time to come up for some air, as the baby will either fuss less or even drift off to sleep.

In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, pacifiers help reduce risk of sudden infant death syndrome; for preterm babies, pacifiers reduce hospital stays and relieves babies of anxiety and pain after short medical procedures.

You now have a rough idea on benefits of baby pacifiers, but may be lost on what to look for when purchasing one. With so many options out there, that’s where we as cozy mama come in.

What to look for when shopping for pacifiers

best baby pacifier

When buying a pacifier, parents and other caregivers are advised to consider these features:


Latex, rubber or silicone are some of the materials used in making pacifiers.

With silicone being common, allergic reactions have been reported about latex, and rubber, though natural, breaks down easily.

Materials used may be opaque, translucent or transparent.


The Academy of pediatrics (aap) say, pacifiers with face shields ought to have ventilation mechanisms.

Ideally, to prevent choking, a good pacifier should be large enough for baby not to swallow, and shouldn’t come apart. A tiny pacifier is a choking hazard.


There are rounded pacifiers, the orthodontic pacifier that takes the shape of the baby’s mouth, bottle nipple pacifiers and other unique shapes.

Finding the preferred shape for your baby may take time.


Many pacifiers come in different sizes to suit the shape and size of babies’ mouth as they grow.

Usually, different sizes correspond with babies’ age– just get advice from your pediatrician.


If you want to save money when buying a pacifier, go for affordable– not cheap.

Cheap pacifiers may not have been made with baby’s dental formula in mind. Or during manufacturing, material used may be dangerous.

Go for pacifiers recommended by pediatricians– mostly ranging from $5 to slightly over $10.


Some pacifiers come in one piece construction (these are the best). Others come in one piece construction attached to a long clip (pacifier clip).

There are also pacifiers attached to a stuffed animal.

The extras are on you to choose, provided your baby’s safety is of top consideration.

The best pacifiers parents swear by in 2021

Best baby pacifier for newborns- Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Philips avent soothie pacifier
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Recommended by most pediatricians and best-selling on Amazon, the philips avent soothie pacifier is a medical-grade silicone pacifier you can trust. The soft silicone, one piece design, is easy to clean, BPA free and tasteless and odourless. Your newborn won’t resist it.

The philips avent soothie can be cleaned in a dishwashing machine and can be sterilized in the Philips Avent Sterilizer. The silicone material adds to its durable feature.

At its low price, you can stock them up to carry in your diaper bag, trolley or have them on baby’s essentials trolley.

Best pacifier for breastfed babies- Nanobebe Baby Pacifiers

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Perfect pacifier for newborns, it has a soft silicone nipple, is BPA-free and is flexible enough to take the form of your baby’s face.

It’s flexible design also forms adequately around your baby’s nose, thus preventing suffocation.

The nipple shape is designed to prevent nipple confusion, so parents don’t have to worry that their breastfeeding babies may suddenly refuse the mother’s nipple.

Best pacifier for bottle-fed babies- Dr Brown’s Happypaci

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If you use Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles for your baby, you will love Dr. Brown’s happypaci.

The rounded nipple on this paci is similar to that on the brand’s bottle, so your baby may adapt to it easily due to this familiar feature.

This BPA free, one piece, silicone design also features a face shield that shapes away from the baby’s nose, for easier breathing.

Best pacifier for nights- Mam Perfect Night Pacifier

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Mam pacifiers are perfect for nighttime due to their glow in the dark feature, that makes it easy for older babies and caregivers to find them at night.

The silicone nipple on this pacifier is thinner than the average, thus reduced pressure on the baby’s growing jaw and mouth.

It’s BPA and BPS free and suitable for kids 16+ months.

Best orthodontic pacifier- Chicco Physioforma

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This is considered a medical grade silicone pacifier owing to the fact that it was designed by a group of orthodontists, pediatricians and neonatologists.

For $5.99, it comes in 2, packed in a sterilizing case. That’s worth the price.

This one piece pacifier has a nipple that helps position the tongue in a way that the airway stays open, while the baby self soothes.

Best pacifier for irritable skin- Mam Air

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If your baby’s skin is sensitive, this mam pacifier is for you.

The face shield on the mam pacifier helps reduce skin irritation, thanks to the ventilation and curved features it has.

It’s BPA and BPS free, suitable for babies 6+ months and has extra air flow to prevent sweat and build up.

Best natural rubber pacifier- Natursutten Original Pacifier

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This is 100% natural, and made from rubber of the Hevea Brasiliensi tree. The natural rubber pacifier comes in orthodontic and round nipple options.

It’s softer than silicone, so breastfed babies won’t have an aversion from it.

The story behind natursutten is a mother, worried about the number of hours her baby would be having a ‘toxic’ pacifier in her mouth, and setting out to innovate one out of natural rubber for her’s and other babies.

Best pacifier for teething babies- Fresh Food Nibbler Baby Pacifiers

Essential Items to Include in A diaper bag
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When your little one begins cutting teeth, they prefer gnawing to sucking. This food nibbler pacifier is both a pacifier and a teething toy. No need to mash food.

The nibbler pacifier comes with a large pouch where you can store in small pieces of cut fruit, puree, vegetables or even breast milk. So as your little one gnaws on it, they not only get relieved from sore gums, but also slowly get introduced to tastes of different foods.

The textured, food grade silicone nub is perfect for baby’s teething gums.

Best pacifier for toddlers- Nuk Orthodontic

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The nuk orthodontic pacifier is considered hospital grade, given its endorsement by orthodontists.

The orthodontic nipple is scooped and flat, mimicking a mother’s breast, thus preventing nipple confusion. The nipple is shaped to lessen pressure on toddler’s developing jaw and teeth while preventing misalignment of teeth.

Best stuffed animal pacifier- Wubbanub Pacifier

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The wubbanub pacifier is as fun as it is functional. It’s recommended for newborns upto 6 months. Babies cutting teeth or those already with teeth cannot use the wubbanub pacifier. Btw it’s a Phillips avent soothie, meaning it’s also used in hospitals and other well-baby units.

Best pacifier with a clip- Dr. Brown’s Advantage Pacifier

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The advantage baby pacifier is fully symmetrical to perfectly position by your little one. With its 100% silicone nipple, it mimics a mom’s breast, thus lessening chances of nipple confusion. The face shield is designed to reduce skin irritation thanks to its large ventilation mechanism.

A pack of Advantage Pacifiers comes with 2, allowing the brand to grow with the baby’s developing face. It’s easy to clean, given it’s dishwasher safe, can be sterilized in an electric sterilizer, or by boiling or microwaving. The clip is safely secured to the pacifier and has a metallic clasp that can hold the paci safe on baby’s clothing or bib.

Best baby pacifier- take it all in

Pediatricians say there are pros and cons of giving pacifiers to babies, but you can avoid the cons by getting medical advice and by buying a pacifier suitable for your child’s age. Remember to consider other factor like material, size and shape of the pacifier before making a purchase. Many parents review that one piece construction pacifiers are better than two piece construction. The latter are a choking hazard as the pieces may come apart as baby is soothing.

What’s your take away from this? Let’s hear in the comments section.

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